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Olivier Skurtys

Olivier Skurtys web

Olivier Skurtys

Ph.D. of Engineering Sciences (Université de Poitiers -ENSMA, France)

Área de especialización: Mecánica de Fluidos, Flujos granulares

Jefe de Carrera Campus San Joaquín

27 peer-reviewed publications


1.Cisternas, M., Skurtys, O., Three-dimensional numerical flow around circularbridge piers: effect of Froude number, in preparation

2. Andrade, R., Skurtys, O., Osorio, F., Development of a new method to predict the maximum spread factor for shear thinning drops, Journal of Food Engineering, 157:70-76, 2015.

3. Andrade, R., Skurtys, O., Osorio, F., Drop impact behavior on food using spray coating: Fundamentals and applications, Food Research International, 54:397-405, 2013.

4. Dieulot, J.Y., Skurtys, O., Classification, modeling and prediction of the mechanical behaviour of starch-based films, Journal of Food Engineering, 119:188-195, 2013.

 5. Nefzaoui, E., Skurtys, O. Impact of a Liquid Drop on a Granular Medium: inertia, viscosity and surface tension effects on the drop deformation. Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, 41:43-50, 2012.

6. Penot, F., Skurtys, O. and Saury, D. Prelimary experiments towards the control of natural convection heat transfer in a differentially-heated cavity, International Journal of Thermal Sciences, 49:1911–1919, 2010.

7. Medina, W. Skurtys, O. and Aguilera, J.M. Study on Image Analysis application for identification Quinoa seeds (Chenopodium quinoa Willd) geographical provenance. LWT-Food Science and Technology, 43:238–246, 2010.

8. Skurtys, O., and Aguilera, J.M. Applications of microfluidic devices in food engineering. Food Biophysics, 3:1–15, 20




Fondecyt N°1120661 (2012-2014)

Project Director: Olivier Skurtys
Título: Experimental study of the sedimentation of anisotropic particles in shear-thinning fluids.

Fondecyt N°1130587 (2013-2015)
Project Director: Fernando Osorio
Coresearcher: Olivier Skurtys
Título: Influence of nanometric particles on the behavior of liquid drop impacts: application to the coating of fruit cuticles.

Asignaturas dictadas

Mecánica de fluidos, transferencia de Calor.