Charla “Continuum models at nanoscale: electrostatics in molecular solvation”

En el marco de la asignatura Seminario de Ingeniería Mecánica, se invita a la Comunidad Universitaria a participar de la Charla:
“Continuum models at nanoscale: electrostatics in molecular solvation”
Expositor: Ph.D. Christopher Cooper V.
  • FECHA : Jueves 09 de mayo de 2019.
  • Hora : 11:30 hrs.
  • Lugar : Auditorio Pedro Roth (C-259)

Charla "Numerical investigation of flame dynamics, emissions and extreme events in aero-engine combustors"

EXPOSITOR: Dr. Andrea Giusti - University of Cambridge
FECHA: 13 de septiembre 2018.
Hora: 12:00 hrs.
Lugar: Salón de Honor.

Numerical investigation of flame dynamics, emissions and extreme events in aero-engine combustors

Andrea Giusti
University of Cambridge

The prediction of emissions and combustor operation ad adverse conditions, such as close to the lean blow out limits, is one of the main challenges for the development of new combustion technologies able to reduce the environmental impact of aero-engines. Both fundamental studies and investigations in lab-scale flames and model combustors give important contributions to the development of clean technologies, improving the understanding of the multi-scale phenomena that usually characterize turbulent spray flames.

Laminar flame studies of single kerosene droplets are discussed with a focus on droplet evaporation and autoignition at engine relevant conditions and their implication for the development of lean burn technologies. Then, Large Eddy Simulations (LES), with Conditional Moment Closure (CMC) combustion model, of turbulent spray flames close to blow-off are presented, pointing out the physical mechanisms leading to local extinctions and the model requirements for a reliable prediction of the blow-off event in spray flames. The modelling of soot in the context of LES-CMC is also introduced and an example of LES-CMC prediction of soot in a model combustor is presented. Recent applications of the LES-CMC approach to the prediction of the forced response of non-premixed flames is also discussed. Finally, the modelling and prediction of indirect noise in realistic engines are introduced with a focus on both entropy and compositional noise.

Acknowledgements. The research leading to this work was partly funded by Rolls-Royce plc. Dr A. Giusti would like to thank Prof. E. Mastorakos, Prof. A.P. Dowling, Dr Luca Magri, Dr J.A.M. Sidey , Dr H. Zhang, Dr G. Borghesi, and Mr M.P. Sitte for the contribution, useful discussions and support during this research.

Seminario Electromovilidad en Campus Santiago - San Joaquin

Los invitamos a ser parte de este Seminario sobre Electromovilidad que impartirá David Yorke, gerente de Proyectos, Capacitación y Nuevas Tecnologías de Tower Transit Operations Limited.

Dentro de las temáticas que se abordarán están:

1.   Acerca de Tower Transit

2.   Caso de estudio híbrido diesel

3.   Caso de estudio ZeEUS

4.   Celda de combustible ZeUS

5.   Desafíos generales tecnologías de bajas / cero emisoines

6.   Desafíos prácticos

7.   Respuesta de Tower Transit a los desafíos


Los esperamos!!

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Conferencia Magistral sobre "Nuevas ideas sobre la generación de bioenergía a partir de algas marinas"

Estimada comunidad mecánica:

Los invitamos a participar de la clase magistral del profesor de la Kaunas University of Technology - Lituania, Laurencas Raslavicius, quien expondrá sobre "New insights into algae factories of the future" el próximo jueves 21 de septiembre, a partir de las 10:00 hrs. en la sala Pedro Roth (C-259) de Casa Central.

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Conferencia de inauguración año académico 2017

Invitamos a la comunidad mecánica a participar de la conferencia "A finite element formulation suitable for fracture computation in blast and impact problem" que dará el profesor Rainald Löhner, jefe del centro de CFD de la Universidad de George Mason en Fairfax, EE.UU.

Lugar: Salón de Honor UTFSM

Día: Lunes 13 de marzo

Hora: 11:45 hrs.